Wednesday, September 26, 2012

6 months.

The time has gone by super fast. 6 months already. I am currently going to monthly ultra sounds. At my 4th month ultra sound we found out its a girl. When I went to my OB visit she reported the hospital wanted a follow up at 5 months. When I got to that visit she reported that my OB requested the ultra sound due to seeing a cyst. My Dr failed to mention this. And the fact they saw it in the brain. Thankfully the cyst wasn't there at the last ultra sound. All is good. I do,however, have a low lying placenta. So I will continue attend monthly ultra sounds. If it remains low lying then I will have to have a c section for delivery. And I am currently in placenta rest, no sex. Bummer. At times my back hurts but I really can't complain. I feel the best I ever have being pregnant. We've been feeling her since around 18 weeks. It's getting more and more predominant. Sleeping sucks. I wake up to pee, a lot. I'm still very proud to announce I'm still in regular clothes. Just open and unbuttoned jeans and leggings :)

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