Monday, July 16, 2012

14 weeks and a bathroom project.

Fortunately I still feel great! Never got sick, haven't gained any weight really but do pee more than usual. Still in same clothes and no belly to do belly pics. Dr says I'm carrying introvertedly. Next ultra sound: 20 weeks. That's when we will find out the sex. Boy or girl??!!! First sequential screening came back normal. Next one is at the end of July.

We have been working on our downstairs bathroom. We are hiving it a make over. Paint, new toilet, new sink, new floor and new medicine cabinet. The wall tile would have been too much of an undertaking and frankly it doesn't bother us all that much. Waiting on the plumbing to be installed and pics will be posted.

Next project: clean up spare room: fix up hole in floor. New radiator covers. THEN NURSERY!! The baby's room will have a small bathroom in it as well. So ready for that project to start :)

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