Thursday, May 3, 2012

Jen plus ten.

No, not really. There are ten J&K embryos sitting in a petri dish but not all will be inserted. We chose to implant two, which gives us an 80% chance of carrying one full term. It's weird to think that your possible future children are marinating in a dish. Hey that's five days less I'll be pregnant! The IVF procedure had no real pain afterward. There was discomfort that day and then just a bloating feeling. Personally I'd rather do the retrieval again opposed to the implantation. You have to go to the implantation with a full bladder. I pee enough as is, I hate having to hold on to a full bladder! Whatever happens this cycle will determine the future of the reaming embryos. My husband and I have decided to donate the leftovers to science. We hope to help others suffering from infertility. We get to watch the implantation. Wired. We will literally see them being placed inside me. I honestly hope that the more I talk about it the less women worry about the infertility process and hopefully gain a real honest perspective on what infertility entails.

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