Monday, April 30, 2012

Master Bedroom Project

The newest project in our home has been our bedroom. When we moved in we had nasty carpet throughout. We were able to rip the downstairs up but the upstairs has been a project in the making. We finally got to tackle our bedroom! Ripping out that carpet felt so good! We tore off all the old trim and baseboard. I honestly don't know why anyone likes carpet! For Christmas we received money and bamboo flooring to help with the bedroom. We decided to go for a dark bamboo flooring. We purchased it and Kev was to put it down. I thought laying the floor would be much easier than it was. 

Kevin has decided to never lay bamboo again. 

We also purchased a new closet door. The old door was a regular sized door. It may for an awkward lay out of the room because you couldn't put any furniture near it so that it can open out. A bi fold door was a perfect solution (and easy to put up!).

The inside of our closet is an awkward one. There are a lot of eves in our upstairs. One of them comes halfway through the closet. To utilize all of the storage in the closet we placed two bars in there and tons of shelving. We hung hooks for ties and belts. The closet holds almost double what it originally did.

My Father in Law made us a new radiator cover. What a difference something so simple makes in a room!

New bedroom door and hardware:

Tall baseboards and new trim make everything seem cleaner.

New 'head board.' 
Cost: less than $20.

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  1. That is pretty neat to turn your regular sized closet door into a bi-fold! It won’t take too much of the space when opening it. I think you did a great job with your master bedroom project. ^__^ Do you have more projects like this that you would like to share with us?

    Allyson Sunde