Monday, January 23, 2012

Kitchen Face Lift

Kevin and I decided to give the kitchen a face lift! We don 't have the money to buy all new cabinets, floors, etc so we came up with a cute, retro housewife theme. Picking the paint was easy- seafoam green with pink accents. I fell in love with the fake chrome backsplash (and it was cheaper than tile) it's made from a rubber material and easy to maintain. Kevin reports it wasn't so easy to put up. My parents gave me a bunch of tile when we moved in and it worked perfectly for what we wanted. TO update our counter I ordered a facelifting product. When it came in it was glorified sponge paint. Kevin told me I wasn't aloud to sponge paint the counter. Thankfully he was right. And thankfully Kevin is able to build whatever I want with the help of his Dad. They built a new countertop and we tiled it instead. Here are the photos!!! All work was DIY style and may not be precisely perfect but we did it and LOVE IT!

The floor needs a good cleaning but we have just been too tired do it, haha.

Total cost of kitchen face lift: no more than $200.

We are waiting on getting a buffet in which we will paint it to match the cabinets and hide all of the ugly storage stuff!

My Father in law made this new cabinet for me!!! Yay!!!

Next project: Putting down our new bamboo flooring in our bedroom!