Sunday, October 23, 2011



We began by getting estimates for fences from several different companies and found that most estimates were around $4000.00 Clearly out of our price range. We decided to buy the material ourselves and recruit the help of friends to help with putting the fence in. After our amazing friends agreed we purchased the fence plus materials and were ready to go. We set a date for the end of September and as the weekend approached it began looking like rain in the forecast. We made the decision the Friday before to call it off because it was supposed to pour. When we woke up Saturday it was Sunny and beautiful. Go figure. It was then moved to the following weekend (which proved to be perfect because two more guys could then help).

Kyle and Scott had put a fence in before, this should be easy right? Of course not. Half way through our backyard it becomes a swamp from all the recent rain. The auger hit every root and rock in the backyard making the mens' job more difficult. Tristan, Meg and I left for an afternoon lunch date hoping to return to a fully fenced yard. When we returned Meg and I were slightly shocked. The look on our faces gave us away. Kevin got upset and said I didn't realize how hard it ended up being for them. (He was right - take note, I never say that) At 10am I began to brew a big pot of coffee for the mens. When I offered a drink, they asked for beer. If the mens are asking for it, then beer it was. Two cases of beer, blood (No workmans comp Miller), sweat, mud, swamp and energy later- we had all the posts pretty much dug and settled! 

I could not be more happy with the fence! Our friends are quite amazing. Some have kids, some work hard jobs and some want their weekends to relax but not our friends. They stepped up and helped all day. James Litwinowicz, Kyle Hill, Mike Montminy, Scott McClellan and Stephen Miller- We love you guys and could not ask for better kick ass friends!! 

The next week between Kevin, His Father, Kyle and myself the panels went up. Kevin finished off the gate and voila! The fence is complete! Now we can have doggy dates!!! A few more posts need to be cut but the fence is good to go!

We also decided we needed a new storm door for the front of the house. Kevin and our neighbor (who also kicks ass) put it in and I love it!! We realized like all old, settled houses- nothing is even! Future Spring project- new front door and jam. Then everything will be on track and perfect!!

 To allow our oil to be the most efficient it can be, Kevin installed a digital thermostat that can be set to different times, days, etc. Slowly we are bringing this house into the modern age!

 We should buy stock in Lowes.

Next project: Upstairs Bathroom/Bedroom, Kitchen and Tile downstairs bathroom.