Sunday, July 24, 2011

The Young and the Restless

It has been over two months since I last wrote on here about our home. Things have been going well and everything finally feels settled. There are still several projects to be done and future plans to be made; however, overall things are looking good. We took about a two month break on house and home projects so we wouldn't get burned out. (And neither would our bank account).

This summer I realized I sucks at keeping plants alive. My beautiful hanging baskets died, my greenery is dying and my potted plants are barely surviving. Next summer I need to learn more about landscaping and plants.

Our most recent project has been the interior doors. We were going to replace all doors and hardware but soon realized all doors and door jams were different sizes. To get pretty new doors would need to be cut down to fit, something we didn't want to get involved in doing. We instead decided to forgo the new doors by sanding and painting our existing ones. We then purchased all new, beautiful hardware.  

                        Old doors.

Check out the carpets...that was the sweet carpet all through our house...

Did I ever mention that the day we moved in I got pink eye? That was awesome. I felt so crappy but still kept going. What a trooper I am. (Either that or the fact that I am crazy)

New hardware:

Of course thoughout the process of the doors we had to make three trips out for things we forgot or didn't think about. We found out that the average person runs out three times when doing DIY projects. We took all the doors off the hinges. Removed all of the old hardware (hinges, screws, door knobs). We sanded all the doors and two coats of paint and some touch ups later... voila! 

The white doors really lighten up our home. We didn't do the upstairs because frankly I don't care what that looks like. I would rather have our downstairs looking good since that's what people will see. We also moved some furniture around and were able to make the living room a more open space. This worked out much better.

The kitchen is the next area to be started. Probably not til the Fall/Winter when it's cooler. The walls and wood paneling need to be painted. Megan is going to help with fabrics for the windows and doors. :)


 Another project to be done: Removing the metal parts of the radiator and make a new front.

Like this: We need to still remove the metal portion from the bathroom radiator. 

Also needed to be done downstairs: Bathroom tile, cabinet and electrical fixture. We have the tile but we need to get everything else, including time. I hate this tile and I have used EVERY product to attempt to clean. Crud cutter, Oxi clean, Tilex, Clorox, True Green and straight bleach. I think I unknowingly created toxic chemicals in the bathroom at one point.