Monday, April 18, 2011


This weekend Kev and I got a lot accomplished. I learned several things:
1. I really dislike shudders unless they serve a purpose which 99% do not.
2. Digging is hard work.
3. A husband should never trust his wife when he climbs a ladder to the roof.
4. I enjoy the smell of weed killer.

After my Friday night project I woke up Saturday to a crappy day. I wouldn't be able to do any house work this morning. So Sunday we got up and began the following projects:
1. Removing Shudders
2. Line driveway with flowers/shrubs
3. Fertilizer the lawn
4. Finish quarter trim on steps
5. an impulse changing of a light fixture

We purchased new shudders to replace the fading crappy ones. When Kevin went up to take the first set off I realized I really like the house better without them. I like when every window has shudders. Not just a few like our house. So we will need to return the shudders purchased and putty the holes left. Looks so much better. But he went up on the porch roof and left me at the bottom with the ladder. Kev doesn't like heights whatsoever. Of course I moved it and reminded him he should always be nice to me.

I dug out the area next to the driveway to plant some greenery and flowers. Well technically the flowers came in a flat paper thingy. We will see how they grow. I bought them through Madison's school fundraiser, so I will blame the 4 year old if they don't work. I really like the way it looks and I am sure that once flowers grow it will look really good.

I fertilized the lawn and really enjoyed the smell. Weird.

Ke took on the repetitive task of the quarter trim on the steps. It looks awesome. Now all we need to do is putty the nail holes and paint the white part of the steps.

Then Kevin decided to change the upstairs hallway light fixture. I told him my Dad said he'd have to be mildly retarded not to be able to do it. Remember, black and white make light is what my Dad repeated. Kevin did an awesome job. And he even did it like my Dad would- without turning the breaker off. lol. Which reminds me, we need life insurance.

Anyway, we were very productive this weekend. Hopefully the next weekend my Dad will put the light on the back deck since he will be here for Easter anyway.

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