Friday, April 15, 2011


When we moved in our house had a flag pole with rail road ties in a square around it. Apparently the owner's 40 something year old son put it up in a drunken stupor. We weren't a fan of it. I wanted to immediately take it down. I was concerned that it would be 'unAmerican' to do so. Several people reassured me it would not. Knowing the weather for Saturday was going to be crappy, I went out late this afternoon and decided to take on the front yard. I began wedding the 'flower/shrub' beds and moved the mulch away from the house. I was once told that wood chips against your house are not good because they can cause termites or something along those lines. (Is this true?) Anyhow, I moved the mulch towards the front of the beds about a foot from the house. It set my mind at ease. During weeding I kept staring that stupid flag pole down. (We had removed the first two tiers weeks ago, a silver stub sat in the yard). I worked at removed the two shrubs in the railroad ties. I placed them on the corner at the porch. Next- weeded it out. I began to dig out and around the stump of the pole. Thankfully I go to the gym and take pride in being a strong woman because that took a lot of work. I removed the cemented stump out and began to place the soil in the hole. This weekend I will lat down some grass seed and wait for my grass to grow back in that spot. I enjoyed breaking apart the screwed and bolted ties.

An hour and a half later- EUREKA, the flag pole and weeds are no longer a sight in our front yard.

This weekend I will lay the flower beds/rolls I purchased from Tristan's daughter's school. we will see how good flower/carpet beds are in my front yard. I have heard they grow nicely. We shall see. I will line the driveway with the flowers. Maybe the side of the house too.

I gave myself a pat on the back for my hard work.

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