Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Let the electricians do what they do best- Play with possibility of electrocuting themselves

Accomplished this weekend:
-Backyard light. Now this is no ordinary light my friends. This is the kind of light that take a good 30 seconds to warm up before it REALLY fires out. Our friend Jeremy who is also a North Wales Cop drove by the other night as my Dad and Kevin were installing the light (in the rain at 11pm Saturday) and said he noticed the lit up back yard. All 6 conjoining back yards are now lit up. AWESOME. I can't wait til someone complains. I am going to tell them that I work in the Criminal Justice Field and that my work is very dangerous, I get threats all the time. I feel safer lighting up my backyard for the scary nights I am alone. Sound good? It's a little less than my other story I was going to tell which my Stepmother told me was probably a tad much, lol. I love the light. It does exactly what I wanted, I can literally see the entire backyard at night now. (I'll post a pic once it gets dark)
-New light fixtures outside.
-New hanging plants

All that's really left for now is outside work: mow lawn, garden or attempt to, clean outside furniture, rake some leaves and continuously clean up dog poo.
hanging plants.

wait, how did i manage to kill one within 3 days?! what do i do to fix it!?

looks can be deceiving.... 

one on the front one on the side

This was given to us by Steph, it was from her Grandmother. I love heirlooms. And I love rockers.

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