Friday, April 22, 2011

i HATE steps.

FINALLY the annoying task of the steps and landing is pretty much finished. There is a minor tweaking at the top of the steps with the baseboard. ALL trim has been painted and placed on steps. They are officially donezo. I will seriously never carpet my house out of spite.

Oh, I also painted the front door a pretty shad of blue. Kevin told me not to and that's a large reason why I did it. Don't know how I feel about it but I don't really care, the color is pretty. I don't ever want to get ride of the door because it is completely solid.When Steph and I took it off to plane it that sucker was SOLID. I'd like to see someone get through there.

We still need to accomplish outside work:
Hanging flowers
Clean off all glue from the stupid astro turf on front porch
We also need to mow. But I'll make Kevin do that.
Back deck light (My Dad will do this weekend, he called me a slave driver on the phone today. He also mumbled something about hating PA and cross country skis and snow or something)

I have seriously checked off A LOT on my list from the day we move in. Kind of annoyed because that means only bigger projects remain. Why can't there be a money tree? Well considering the house from the time we moved in, I can honestly say HOLY CRAP. What a turn around. I love doing this stuff. I am looking forward to tackling the downstairs bathroom tile and fixing the spare room and bathroom upstairs.

I also would like to paint the Kitchen and tweak it at as little cost as possible come the end of summer.
I will enlist Megan's help for decorative ideas since she's awesome at that stuff.

Steps and Tile

Nice 70s Blue Door. lol

Landing upstairs. You an see the part we need to tweak/fix

Needs Threshold.