Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Let the electricians do what they do best- Play with possibility of electrocuting themselves

Accomplished this weekend:
-Backyard light. Now this is no ordinary light my friends. This is the kind of light that take a good 30 seconds to warm up before it REALLY fires out. Our friend Jeremy who is also a North Wales Cop drove by the other night as my Dad and Kevin were installing the light (in the rain at 11pm Saturday) and said he noticed the lit up back yard. All 6 conjoining back yards are now lit up. AWESOME. I can't wait til someone complains. I am going to tell them that I work in the Criminal Justice Field and that my work is very dangerous, I get threats all the time. I feel safer lighting up my backyard for the scary nights I am alone. Sound good? It's a little less than my other story I was going to tell which my Stepmother told me was probably a tad much, lol. I love the light. It does exactly what I wanted, I can literally see the entire backyard at night now. (I'll post a pic once it gets dark)
-New light fixtures outside.
-New hanging plants

All that's really left for now is outside work: mow lawn, garden or attempt to, clean outside furniture, rake some leaves and continuously clean up dog poo.
hanging plants.

wait, how did i manage to kill one within 3 days?! what do i do to fix it!?

looks can be deceiving.... 

one on the front one on the side

This was given to us by Steph, it was from her Grandmother. I love heirlooms. And I love rockers.

Friday, April 22, 2011

i HATE steps.

FINALLY the annoying task of the steps and landing is pretty much finished. There is a minor tweaking at the top of the steps with the baseboard. ALL trim has been painted and placed on steps. They are officially donezo. I will seriously never carpet my house out of spite.

Oh, I also painted the front door a pretty shad of blue. Kevin told me not to and that's a large reason why I did it. Don't know how I feel about it but I don't really care, the color is pretty. I don't ever want to get ride of the door because it is completely solid.When Steph and I took it off to plane it that sucker was SOLID. I'd like to see someone get through there.

We still need to accomplish outside work:
Hanging flowers
Clean off all glue from the stupid astro turf on front porch
We also need to mow. But I'll make Kevin do that.
Back deck light (My Dad will do this weekend, he called me a slave driver on the phone today. He also mumbled something about hating PA and cross country skis and snow or something)

I have seriously checked off A LOT on my list from the day we move in. Kind of annoyed because that means only bigger projects remain. Why can't there be a money tree? Well considering the house from the time we moved in, I can honestly say HOLY CRAP. What a turn around. I love doing this stuff. I am looking forward to tackling the downstairs bathroom tile and fixing the spare room and bathroom upstairs.

I also would like to paint the Kitchen and tweak it at as little cost as possible come the end of summer.
I will enlist Megan's help for decorative ideas since she's awesome at that stuff.

Steps and Tile

Nice 70s Blue Door. lol

Landing upstairs. You an see the part we need to tweak/fix

Needs Threshold.

Monday, April 18, 2011


This weekend Kev and I got a lot accomplished. I learned several things:
1. I really dislike shudders unless they serve a purpose which 99% do not.
2. Digging is hard work.
3. A husband should never trust his wife when he climbs a ladder to the roof.
4. I enjoy the smell of weed killer.

After my Friday night project I woke up Saturday to a crappy day. I wouldn't be able to do any house work this morning. So Sunday we got up and began the following projects:
1. Removing Shudders
2. Line driveway with flowers/shrubs
3. Fertilizer the lawn
4. Finish quarter trim on steps
5. an impulse changing of a light fixture

We purchased new shudders to replace the fading crappy ones. When Kevin went up to take the first set off I realized I really like the house better without them. I like when every window has shudders. Not just a few like our house. So we will need to return the shudders purchased and putty the holes left. Looks so much better. But he went up on the porch roof and left me at the bottom with the ladder. Kev doesn't like heights whatsoever. Of course I moved it and reminded him he should always be nice to me.

I dug out the area next to the driveway to plant some greenery and flowers. Well technically the flowers came in a flat paper thingy. We will see how they grow. I bought them through Madison's school fundraiser, so I will blame the 4 year old if they don't work. I really like the way it looks and I am sure that once flowers grow it will look really good.

I fertilized the lawn and really enjoyed the smell. Weird.

Ke took on the repetitive task of the quarter trim on the steps. It looks awesome. Now all we need to do is putty the nail holes and paint the white part of the steps.

Then Kevin decided to change the upstairs hallway light fixture. I told him my Dad said he'd have to be mildly retarded not to be able to do it. Remember, black and white make light is what my Dad repeated. Kevin did an awesome job. And he even did it like my Dad would- without turning the breaker off. lol. Which reminds me, we need life insurance.

Anyway, we were very productive this weekend. Hopefully the next weekend my Dad will put the light on the back deck since he will be here for Easter anyway.

Friday, April 15, 2011


When we moved in our house had a flag pole with rail road ties in a square around it. Apparently the owner's 40 something year old son put it up in a drunken stupor. We weren't a fan of it. I wanted to immediately take it down. I was concerned that it would be 'unAmerican' to do so. Several people reassured me it would not. Knowing the weather for Saturday was going to be crappy, I went out late this afternoon and decided to take on the front yard. I began wedding the 'flower/shrub' beds and moved the mulch away from the house. I was once told that wood chips against your house are not good because they can cause termites or something along those lines. (Is this true?) Anyhow, I moved the mulch towards the front of the beds about a foot from the house. It set my mind at ease. During weeding I kept staring that stupid flag pole down. (We had removed the first two tiers weeks ago, a silver stub sat in the yard). I worked at removed the two shrubs in the railroad ties. I placed them on the corner at the porch. Next- weeded it out. I began to dig out and around the stump of the pole. Thankfully I go to the gym and take pride in being a strong woman because that took a lot of work. I removed the cemented stump out and began to place the soil in the hole. This weekend I will lat down some grass seed and wait for my grass to grow back in that spot. I enjoyed breaking apart the screwed and bolted ties.

An hour and a half later- EUREKA, the flag pole and weeds are no longer a sight in our front yard.

This weekend I will lay the flower beds/rolls I purchased from Tristan's daughter's school. we will see how good flower/carpet beds are in my front yard. I have heard they grow nicely. We shall see. I will line the driveway with the flowers. Maybe the side of the house too.

I gave myself a pat on the back for my hard work.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

All the cool kids are doing it so why shouldn't I?

My very best friend, Hannah, has a blog (although she used it once) and it got me curious about how to 'blog.' Recently in a conversation with my one of my favorite people, Nicole, she had suggested I start one. The reason being because I am a first time home owner doing a lot of DIY projects with my husband. (Well, due to my compulsivity I tend to do new projects and surprise him when he gets home) Unfortunately, Nicole was not smart enough to recommend this before (thanks for nothing! :) ) and I did not start taking pictures of our house as it was when we moved in. Such a slacker. But good news! When our house was appraised they took pictures but at the moment my scanner won't work and I think it was because Kevin touched it last. When it is up and working I will scan those pictures of the house as it was when we moved in. So now that I have basically summed up why I am even bothering with 'blogging' let me tell you a little about the house...

We own a 4 bedroom cape cod with a full finished basement and a lovely sized back yard (that tends to puddle towards the back because there used to be a creek (pronounced crick) back there, luckily it's towards the back and there's no need to go back there during down pours anyway. The home is almost 60 years old and had one sole owner. The old man bought this house with his wife in 58, I believe, and when she passed he remarried. Yes, she died of Cancer and died in the house. He remarried and the new wife also lived in the home. Unfortunately, she also died of Cancer and died in the house. This in no way freaks me out, in fact it makes me happy. Maybe some good spirits/energy lives here. On second thought, maybe not considering the old man is still going strong and two wives are dead of cancer. Hm. Anyhow, he was getting too old to take care of the home. Side note- his son and grandson moved in around 2008. They were scum bags and did a lot of drug dealing/drugs in the home. Boy do the neighbors have stories! Needless to say Matt Green helped Kevin change all the locks and baby proof our doors. Maybe we will find wads of cash in the basement tiles, one can only hope. Ok back on track. So we were able to score this awesome home at a great price and great rate. Only down side, the old man had not 'updated' the house in what looked like 60 years. My Parents put things in perspective- at your age and your price you're not going to get the home of your wildest dreams. (At first I hated this house) They told me to find a  house with opportunity and space to make it what we want. Good thing I listened to my parents because they were right. This house has plenty of land to extend one day and has already become the house of my dreams, corny I know.

When we moved in my first priority: ripping up the nasty red carpets and painting the downstairs. Many thought we were crazy. Yes I am crazy, no shocker there, but with the help of my one Mother in Law, Husband, Father and Steve Miller we were able to paint, rip up carpets (all 5 million staples and padding) and clean. My Father is an electrician and began helping with that work. (Note to self, never try DIY electric without an electrician present. Thanks for saving me Scott!)  Stepmother got me my washer/dryer which I love!!!!! She has helped me with grabbing the perfect touches to the house. Kev's Grammy got us a Fridge that is a monster, again, LOVE it. Kev's parents have been amazing through everything also. We got a plumber- Todd and a lot of hard working friends who we would not have been able to move in or do stuff with out them. We moved in and began our projects. I think I want to be a carpenter or at least handy in all trades.

Here are the projects we have accomplished (all DIY):
Pulled up the bathroom carpet- GROSS
Painted all of the downstairs
Ripped up carpets (including steps)
Refinished the wood floors
Refinished the steps - still need to do work on the step area
Tiled the front entryway- we still need my Father in Law to make two thresholds for the closet door and front door
Refinished the spare bedroom floor, painted and moved in. (Yay! I have a spare room!)
Ripped up the nasty green astro turf from the carport and porch.- We still need to clean it down though
Painted the bedroom
Ripped up landing carpet

I may be forgetting something.. But in any case here is what is still left to do:
refinish back deck? Kev wants to, I don't
finish cleaning front porch
dig out the flag pole in the front yard
finish steps
paint quarter trim and baseboards up
Do outside work
paint shudders and door
Retile downstairs bathroom and get new cabinets
Get new cabinet for upstairs bathroom

Big Projects we want to start one day down the road or should pay someone to do:
fence in backyard
New siding and insulation
New roof (when needed)
Redoing Kitchen
Work on upstairs spare room and bathroom- we want to removed the stall shower and make the room bigger by making the bathroom smaller. I know people will say not to, but we want that room to have more space and like the shower downstairs better.
New upstairs carpet
Take out back deck and make a paved area

I think I have added enough for one day. I will update on projects and house related stuff!

This is the backyard- the property goes to the end of the fence and about 2 feet to the left of shed.

This is the front! We have already removed the green crap.

We now have deck furniture!

Carport- Would love to extend my kitchen here one day.

Upstairs bathroom- removing the stall shower and building a wall right here to make room bigger and bathroom smaller.

Kitchen when we first moved in.

Spare room downstairs when we first moved in.

After we moved in but before we refinished the floors and did tile.

Refinished floors!!!! And demonic dog clearly.

Spare room!! Wild right, would you have thought it was the same space as the other picture?

More spare room.

Bathroom downstairs- want to retile and change cabinetry and lights. Also, Father in law is building a new radiator front.

Landing upstairs. Not a good pic but everything in this house is uneven and the baseboards suck up there. Must redo.

Spare/empty room upstairs. the room will be opened up one day where the shoe rack stands.

Adding more space by pushing that wall back like 3-4 feet. (One day)

Making the bathroom this size eventually upstairs.

Kitchen now. 

New fridge! woop woop!

Kitchen.  Gnarley wood panel.

Can someone direct me on how to remove the fan from the top of the stove? I want to pull it out since there is the old school wall fan. 

Office. Needs curtains.

Father in law is making a new piece to go up the side. we need to paint the white as well.