Thursday, November 1, 2012

Week 29

Short and sweet: maternity clothes. I don't get why women WANT to wear them. I find regular pants unzipped/unbuttoned with a belly band more comfortable. I don't think it's necessary to go out and buy lots of maternity clothes. Maybe some things but overall most regular
Clothes can be worn or that's been the case with me. The essentials: belly band, leggings, 3-4 pairs if maternity pants, loose tops, cardigans and blouses that aren't maternity. I've purchased 4 long sleeves cotton tops, two tank tops, 3 jeans and 3 short sleeves blouses and have worn maybe three things once. I prefer my regular clothes.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

6 months.

The time has gone by super fast. 6 months already. I am currently going to monthly ultra sounds. At my 4th month ultra sound we found out its a girl. When I went to my OB visit she reported the hospital wanted a follow up at 5 months. When I got to that visit she reported that my OB requested the ultra sound due to seeing a cyst. My Dr failed to mention this. And the fact they saw it in the brain. Thankfully the cyst wasn't there at the last ultra sound. All is good. I do,however, have a low lying placenta. So I will continue attend monthly ultra sounds. If it remains low lying then I will have to have a c section for delivery. And I am currently in placenta rest, no sex. Bummer. At times my back hurts but I really can't complain. I feel the best I ever have being pregnant. We've been feeling her since around 18 weeks. It's getting more and more predominant. Sleeping sucks. I wake up to pee, a lot. I'm still very proud to announce I'm still in regular clothes. Just open and unbuttoned jeans and leggings :)

Friday, August 17, 2012

Baby girl Thomas

We have a healthy growing baby girl. Gods got a funny sense of humor because I never pictured myself a Mother to a daughter. We have a name chosen. Close family and friends will be told, then as it gets closer to January we will tell everyone. She looks perfect.

.....and of course we had to buy just a few things

Monday, August 6, 2012


Our home has been made up of small projects and face lifts. We didn't want to undergo the task of ripping down the wall tile/bathtub. Truth is, we didn't want to spend the $8-10 grand for it. So instead, we embraced the wall tile and tub. We decided to retile the floor, get a new medicine cabinet, new toilet and new sink. This bathroom project was my birthday present :) DIY tile floor. DIY toilet install. We did get help with the sink. DIY new medicine cabinet install. 





Monday, July 16, 2012

14 weeks and a bathroom project.

Fortunately I still feel great! Never got sick, haven't gained any weight really but do pee more than usual. Still in same clothes and no belly to do belly pics. Dr says I'm carrying introvertedly. Next ultra sound: 20 weeks. That's when we will find out the sex. Boy or girl??!!! First sequential screening came back normal. Next one is at the end of July.

We have been working on our downstairs bathroom. We are hiving it a make over. Paint, new toilet, new sink, new floor and new medicine cabinet. The wall tile would have been too much of an undertaking and frankly it doesn't bother us all that much. Waiting on the plumbing to be installed and pics will be posted.

Next project: clean up spare room: fix up hole in floor. New radiator covers. THEN NURSERY!! The baby's room will have a small bathroom in it as well. So ready for that project to start :)

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Front Door Project

So being that I am a forty year old at heart, for my birthday I asked for a front door. My awesome neighbor and Kevin put it in today!! I was glad to
get rid if the old heavy front door but disappointed that the screen door no longer fit with the new door. Boo. Especially considering we JUST bought it in October. Oh well. Craigslist it is. The door project went smoothly. I will spackle nail holes, paint the door and trim (just white) and finally touch up some paint around the trim, and then voila!!!